STAND STRONG Online Training

I’ll be real with you, I love and hate the fitness industry.

I LOVE it because the goal is to get people stronger, leaner, and healthier. When done correctly and consistently, quality and (hopefully) length of life are increased.

I HATE it because it’s an unregulated service which causes many to hire unqualified trainers that do not deliver results and (even worse) cause pain or injury.  It’s filled with false claims like “Six-Pack in Six Weeks” and supplements and “slimming” shakes with ingredient lists that even a scientist wouldn’t understand.  The goal is almost always aesthetics, with little to no emphasis on performance, strength, longevity, mobility, or overall well-being.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I love aesthetic goals. We all want to look and feel attractive, sexy, and confident.  But what else?  What about being stronger and fitter for life?  What about training so you look sexy today and are able to play with your grandkids in the future?

I want to coach you to stand strong today and #StandStrongForLife !

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Luckily, we live in a time when people don’t have to be in the same room to influence each other.  If you don’t live in Chicago, have a busy schedule, or tight budget, Stand Strong Online Training might just be the perfect choice.

Stand Strong Online Training is for anyone who:

  • Does not live in the cold and windy city of Chicago
  • Lives in Chicago, but travels often
  • Wants an individualized workout plan that can be done wherever and whenever
  • Is willing to do mobility and strength assessments, as well as send frequent exercise videos to ensure proper form
  • Desires the accountability of checking in with a coach but the freedom of training on their own
  • Is savvy enough with a smartphone to watch and send videos, and track progress in an online platform
  • Can devote 30-60 minutes 3-5 days a week to a workout program

Stand Strong Online Training is NOT for anyone who:

  • Wants to skip general strength and flexibility assessments
  • Disregards any feedback on form or technique
  • Wants to begin at the most advanced level whether or not ready for it
  • Cannot devote at least 2 days to a workout program
  • Does not know how to operate a smartphone
  • Just wants send pictures and videos of themselves flexing in the mirror – Save it for Instagram  😉

Here is what I offer:

  • An individualized training program geared towards your goals with 3 strength workouts and 3 optional conditioning workouts a week all accessed through an app on your phone
  • Weekly accountability and check-ins
  • Email support
  • Monthly 15 minute phone calls and goal settings


Private training usually cost between $80-$100/session.  For best results, 3 sessions per week are recommended. That’s $960-$1200 per month.

I don’t want to break your bank.  I want to give you results that last.

Here is what I offer:

  • 1 Month of Training for 150
    • First timers must also purchase a one-time Skype assessment for 60
  • 3 Months of Training for 427.50 (5% off)
  • 6 Months of Training for 810 (10% off)

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