When I first started my training program with Sarah, I was anxious, worried and doubtful of my abilities to accomplish much. I’ve had trainers before who after months of training, I didn’t feel as if my body had improved or strengthened. Sarah changed that with a routine that was easy to follow, advice I could really take to heart, and results that shocked me. Sarah is an incredibly positive and intuitive trainer who listens and watches carefully, guiding people like me to be their best self.


Sarah Carusona changed my perspective on health and fitness. My initial goals in seeking a fitness coach were limited: I wanted to strengthen my core and eliminate my lower back pain. Otherwise I felt that I was about as fit as I could be for my age. I was wrong. The more I worked with Sarah, the broader my fitness goals became; the more improvements I saw, the harder I wanted to work. Training with Sarah helped me shed pounds of fat, gain pounds of muscle, and achieve a physique and overall level of health that I thought was out of reach. Training with Sarah will inspire you to work harder, think bigger, and exceed your fitness goals multiple times over.


My husband introduced me to Sarah around 6 months back, he said that she was really dedicated and passionate about working out and I found that to be very true. I’m gonna list out why I continue working out with Sarah:
1. She knows her stuff. No BS. She knows her forms and she’s very particular about it, which I love.
2. She gets in touch with me on a monthly basis to show me my progress, to find out if I have goals different from the previous month and plans my workouts accordingly.
3. I told her that I love working with the bar and so she’s incorporated that into my routine, it keeps me interested and excited.
4. She answers all of my hundred questions. I am very particular about form, what muscles a particular exercise targets and breathing techniques. I’m always learning something with Sarah around.
5. She’s always available to talk to you. She responds within the hour, usually. You can reach her via email, text or call.
6. If I ask a question and she doesn’t fully know the answer she always follows up and sends me emails. And if she finds an interesting article about an issue we discussed, she forwards it to me (which I love).
7. And my favorite: she doesn’t overdo the talking bit. I’ve seen trainers who talk and talk and talk with the client and I wonder how the client is able to focus on the muscle s/he is working out. Sarah is friendly, talks the right amount, so she stays connected, but let’s me focus on my workout.


Even as someone who likes to think they can figure most things out on their own, I know I never could have accomplished my fitness goals without Sarah’s help. Every session, she’s continued to patiently and enthusiastically build up my knowledge of strength training, stretches and recovery, and diet from a starting point that was near absolute zero.

More than a year later, I now have a solid foundation of knowledge and routine to work from, and Sarah still hasn’t run out of things to teach me or ways to keep my workouts challenging and engaging. I fully and heartily recommend her as a trainer.


I first trained with Sarah well over a year ago, but when I moved away several months ago, I wanted a trainer to work with remotely. I gave Sarah my time parameters and goals, and she designed a great program for me.

Every month, I get a new spreadsheet, where I can track my new workout, and Sarah provides videos of all of the movements. I also send videos of myself doing some of the more complex movements to make sure I’m doing them correctly.

I highly recommend working with Sarah. She knows her stuff about healthy movement, and her communication is clear, organized, and always prompt. Five stars.


I have been training with Sarah for about 5 months now and I love it. Her energy and enthusiasm helps me strive for more. I especially love the ‘High 5s’ I get after each exercise. LOL

If you are anything like me, and you’ve always wanted to be fit but what forever reason you lose your motivation every time you try, then Sarah is the perfect trainer for you. Since training with her, something in me has ‘clicked’. I am no longer making excuses or getting in my own way. And I am having fun. Because of this the results are really starting to show. I am getting stronger, feeling more energetic, and looking better.

So thanks Sarah for your efforts in helping me with my goals. If you are looking for a health coach/personal trainer, then try her out … You won’t be disappointed that you did.

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