• I want you to STAND STRONG as you walk away from the cardio zone and pick up your first dumbbell.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you brag about your first unassisted chin up.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you check out at the grocery store with your cart full of fruits and veggies.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG as you confidently put on that swimsuit.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you go skiing with your friends now, and play with your grandkids at 80.


The Story of #StandStrongForLife

I was the girl who wore jeans to basketball practice.

I was the girl who feared venturing away from the cardio zone and towards those peculiar strength contraptions.

I was the girl who showed up to a dance workshop wearing pink and purple when literally everyone else was in black.

I was the girl who thought it was a good idea to run backwards on an elliptical with pink 5lb weights. See how that worked out for me . . .


I’ve been the odd-one-out. I’ve eaten high school lunch in a bathroom because I had no one to sit with. I’ve felt embarrassed, scared, and alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an amazing life and I am honestly grateful for all of my experiences, both good and bad. They made me the person I am today. They taught me how to treat others. They gave me the motivation to do what I do.

Now my goal is to use those experiences and help others who are like me. People who fear going out of their comfort zone. People who don’t want to get injured or look like the newbie at the gym. People who have been ridiculed for their lack of knowledge, but only want to learn.

This website is for you.

#StandStrongForLife is for you.


  • Health and fitness are a lifestyle, not a destination
  • No goal is worth long-term injury
  • Small habits over time outshine quick fixes
  • Awareness and education create ownership in training
  • Stand Strong NOW and #StandStrongForLife

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My Story

Since I can remember, I wanted to become a professional dancer. After promising myself at the ripe old age of 6 to accomplish that dream, I pursued it with passion and vigor for twenty years. As an adult, I realized being a professional dancer is not just about appearing on stage with costume and lights to perform a perfect number and bow to a standing ovation. No, I soon discovered that the audience and dancers leave with their lives all but unchanged once that curtain closes.

Working my a** off as both a professional dancer and a professional waitress for many years, I reached a point where I wanted MORE. Emotionally, intellectually, and (I have to admit) financially. Most importantly, I wanted to help people, and leave this world a better place than when I came into it.

Honestly, I started brainstorming ways to make supplemental income while still dancing. Pilates? Yoga? Personal Training?

The last one took the prize, and soon enough I was a professional dancer and a personal trainer at a typical big box gym. The crazy part? My personal training job quickly became 1000X more fulfilling than my dance job.

Years later, I can proudly say that my full time career is helping people get stronger, move better, eat healthier, and enjoy the process. I find real joy watching someone squat correctly for the first time, or savor their first taste of a healthy meal. I have completed many more certifications, taken part in several workshops and strive to continually stay up to date with the latest nutrition and fitness theories and practices. I train clients both online and in person for fitness and nutrition in addition to being a Trainer and Social Media Marketer with Charge Running.

StrongFirst Level 1 Instructor
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
Steel Mace Specialist
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
BA in Dance from the University of Iowa
20 Years of Dance Experience
20+ Years of Wrestling with my Two Older Brothers

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