A Year Of Gratitude

People usually celebrate their birthdays. It’s an accomplishment of sorts: being born and being alive. However, I find it somewhat odd, seeing as I didn’t actually do anything to achieve my birth or state of living. Luck allowed me to have two parents that decided to have a third child, the genes to not get significantly ill, and the fortune to not be in any tragic accidents.

So birthdays are a celebration. But they are a celebration of everything that we are grateful for.

Last year, I wrote about all that I learned during year 25. This year, I write about everything I am grateful for from year 26.

1. The support and love of those around me.

As in every year, there are challenges. But every challenge looks a little less daunting when surrounded by an army.

I was not surrounded by an army, but I knew that whatever was faced during the day, I would come home to my best friend. That, and the continual love and support of my family cannot be understated. I only stand strong because they create the rock that holds me up.  

2. Perspective

I often get caught up in my own “bubble” of a life. 

Traveling always reminds me that the entire world does not exist in the small section of Lincoln Park that I generally reside. And this year I was lucky enough to travel to Italy and Thailand!


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I remember the very first time that I flew on a plane. I looked down at all the tiny cars on the highway below and thought, “Every single person driving one of those cars has a story . . .a family. . .a loved one. . .”  

It gives life a different perspective.

Think you are the only one in the world experiencing stress, hardships, or love?

Think again.

3. Kindness

We live in a world of give-and-take. People give money and take products. People give one service and ask for another. But there are still those out there who just like to give.  

Several times in the last year, people helped me in various ways for no reason whatsoever. (Maybe I smell good?)

Their kindness has aided me both personally and professionally, and I am forever grateful. Not only because they impacted my life, but because they taught me the value of helping others simply to help others.

4. Inner Strength

The strength within is far greater than those measly muscles that deadlift barbells and push kettlebells. Without it, we are unable to hold onto our values and core beliefs in the face of challenges and struggles.

For this, I must first thank my mother. Probably without even knowing it, she taught me how to lift up and conquer whatever life throws at me. And she did this by being the strongest woman I know.

Final Thoughts

I am forever grateful for the above points as well as everything else I have been gifted this year.

Now onto that 27th year of life. . . .


World Domination.


When’s your birthday? Let me know and I’ll send you a gift!




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