5 Road Warrior Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never actually traveled for work. My profession barely takes me more than a few blocks from my apartment in Chicago. Nevertheless, from family, friends, and clients, I have heard of the pitfalls that come with a job which requires frequent travel.

Sometimes you have a hotel gym with lots of equipment. Other times you are lucky to have a dumbbell. Sometimes you get off work at 6pm. Other times you get off work at 3am. Sometimes you have a Whole Foods next to your hotel. Other times you are lucky to get a 711. 

The uncertainty of schedule, equipment, and food availability can lead to professionals giving up on working out or eating healthy during the week. If I had my way, I’d give these CEO’s a piece of my mind about the importance of their employees’ health. . .

Nevertheless, I’ll start by providing these Road Warriors with a means to achieving their health and fitness goals.

Here are 5 Tips To Stay Healthy for the Road Warriors

1. Workout in the Morning

With the possibility of working late, or mandatory client dinners, the morning is the one time that you can truly dictate. If getting up early is a challenge, try setting the coffee maker right next to your bed and turning it on when your alarm goes off. The smell of coffee will inspire you to get out of bed and start your day off right! And don’t worry if you don’t get a full 60 minute workout. Even 15 minutes is better than none!

2. Find Opportunities to Walk and Take the Stairs

Some weeks on the road are absolutely insane. You might be working from 6am-11pm Monday through Thursday and you have zero energy to go to the gym. During these weeks, try to find little ways that you can get more steps and stairs. Maybe you walk to a coffee shop on your break, maybe you walk to and from work, or maybe you take a lap around the office every hour.

Additionally, see if you can take the stairs as much as possible. If your hotel room or client’s office is on the 50th floor, you are obviously not going to climb 50 flights of stairs or you will be one sweaty mess. Nevertheless, try riding the elevator to the 48th, or 45th floor and taking the staircase the rest of the way. You can even challenge yourself to do one more flight of stairs each week.  

3. Find a Market to Buy Healthy Snacks on Your First Day

Without access to your own kitchen and fridge, it’s challenging to consistently eat healthy. Try finding a market on your very first day in the new location. This can be a grocery store, a fresh fruit and veggie market, or even just a 711 or Walgreens. Anywhere that you can buy some easy-to-carry snacks that won’t go bad quickly. Keep these on-hand in your bag or hotel room so that you will be less likely to grab chips in the breakroom or french fries at the local food cart.

Examples include: Apples, oranges, grapefruits, bananas, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, nuts, protein bars, and dried fruit.

4. Drink Low or No-Calorie Beverages

Sometimes you can’t always choose where or what you are going to eat. But you can at least choose what you drink.

Try to stick with low, or no-calorie beverages. Examples include: water, plain coffee, soda water, and tea. Experiment with adding lemon, cucumber, or oranges in your water or soda water to make it extra tasty! And if you are going to enjoy an adult beverage with your co-workers, stick with lower-calorie drinks like vodka with soda, wine, or whiskey and water.

5. Get Half a Serving at Restaurants

Most restaurants will allow you to order half a serving. You can get half a sandwich, half serving of lasagna, or half a salad. If they won’t allow this (which would be odd. . .) take half home for lunch or breakfast the next day. If you don’t have a fridge in your hotel room, give it to a nice guy on the street!


*Includes options that you can do in any hotel gym or hotel room. 


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