What I Learned In Year 25

At the beginning of this month I turned 26 years old.

I realize that I am young, and I have a long way to go in terms of knowledge and experiences. But each year I grow I little more, I learn a little more. And reflection helps to sink in whatever life skills I have acquired. That is what I intend to do now.

Below are the 3 most important things I learned in year #25.

1. Accept that your dream job may not be what you had originally intended.

When I was 5 years old, I saw Riverdance on TV. I stopped whatever game I was playing, transfixed by the dancers on stage. I decided right then and there that I was going to be a professional dancer.

That childhood dream drove my career aspirations for 20 years. However, after “making it” and becoming a professional dancer for a small company, I realized that I was extremely unhappy. I actually hated what I was doing. I was tired, broke, my body hurt, my ego hurt, and my soul hurt.

2013 – Israel

I will never forget the moment that I realized I was not supposed to be a dancer. I was getting ready for bed and planning for the following day. I started to consider taking a ballet class in the morning and my very next thought was, “I need a drink.”

Stopping what I was doing, I looked up and actually said out loud, “I am not supposed to dance.”  

That statement had to repeated many times before it really sunk in. And no, I didn’t have a drink that night.

It was a hard realization, but it was one that allowed me to pursue a career in which I gain immense joy. I had to accept that my 5 year old self did not know what I would want to do 20 years later. But I’m sure she would be happy to know that I am happy.


2. You don’t have to kill yourself every workout.

There is no 50% in dance. It’s 110% all the time. The more you can give, the better.

This isn’t the same in the fitness world. (Or at least it shouldn’t be).

You don’t need to PR at every workout.

You don’t need to run 15 miles a day.

You don’t need to take a ballet class, a boxing class, and do a strength workout all in one day.

Yes, I have tried to do all of the above. It killed my body, and I had very little time for work, friends, or family. Plus I didn’t get the results that I was looking for!

Workouts should be varied in intensity levels, and more is not always better.

In year 25, I learned how to workout smarter and get better results without killing my body.


Thank God! Or I wouldn’t have any time to write this blog!

Ask me how!

3. Connect with your inner light.

This past year was the first that I truly delved into meditation. I can’t say that I did it every day or even every week (although there were long streaks!) but I was more consistent than not.

Sitting in silence is scary at first, but it allowed me to identify my thoughts and sort through the ones that were causing me stress.

In addition, meditation helped me connect with what I call my inner light. This is the part of you that never changes. It’s the part that makes you truly you. It’s love, it’s passion, it’s your true intentions. And that light does not change, from birth to death.


If I weigh more than I like, my light is just as bright.

If I make a mistake at work, my light is just as bright.

If I have fears and anxieties about finances, friends, family, or any other life situation, my light continues to shine.

If I am 99 years old, my light is just as bright as the day that I was born.

I learned to love my light, breathe in my light, and relax in my light.

And I must thank Headspace for introducing me to my light! Check them out!

Final Thoughts

I’m still learning. I have a long way to go. But I’m really proud of how far I have come in one year. And I’m thankful to all of the people that have helped me get here.

Thoughts or questions? Reach out!


3 thoughts on “What I Learned In Year 25

  1. Pretty awesome for 25 🙂 I wonder what other people can remember learning at age 25? I think I was still looking…just looking for an excuse to escape that eventually led me to 5 months backpacking New Zealand and falling into a love of cooking 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Katie! I know it’s interesting what we learn as we get older… i didn’t realize that you were 25 when you did that trip! It must have been an incredible experience!!


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