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  • I want you to STAND STRONG as you walk away from the cardio zone and pick up your first dumbbell.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you brag about your first unassisted chin up.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you check out at the grocery store with your cart full of fruits and veggies.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG as you confidently put on that swimsuit.
  • I want you to STAND STRONG when you go skiing with your friends now, and play with your grandkids at 80.

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A Year Of Gratitude

People usually celebrate their birthdays. It’s an accomplishment of sorts: being born and being alive. However, I find it somewhat odd, seeing as I didn’t actually do anything to achieve my birth or state of living. Luck allowed me to have two parents that decided to have a third child, the genes to not get […]

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STAND STRONG Online Training

I’ll be real with you, I love and hate the fitness industry.

I LOVE it because the goal is to get people stronger, leaner, and healthier. When done correctly and consistently, quality and (hopefully) length of life are increased.

I HATE it because it’s an unregulated service which causes many to hire unqualified trainers that do not deliver results and (even worse) cause pain or injury.  It’s filled with false claims like “Six-Pack in Six Weeks” and supplements and “slimming” shakes with ingredient lists that even a scientist wouldn’t understand.  The goal is almost always aesthetics, with little to no emphasis on performance, strength, longevity, mobility, or overall well-being.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I love aesthetic goals. We all want to look and feel attractive, sexy, and confident.  But what else?  What about being stronger and fitter for life?  What about training so you look sexy today and are able to play with your grandkids in the future?

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